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carousel di ambiente

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Are you looking for a carnival group where you can enjoy and have fun with a personalized treatment?

Well, don’t search anymore.

Carousel Di Ambiente is the group you are looking for to participate in Curacao Carnival 2007.

For a price of US.$500,- you can enjoy with us together with Dj Black.

As a participant you’ll have your personal waiter and your own choice of beverages/drinks.

Your participation is all inclusive with no need to participate in obligatory fund raisings.


Bo ta buskando un grupo pa karnaval 2007?
E mester ta karga ku energia, fantasia, ambiente i bon servisio?
Bo no ke bende lt, laba auto,  ni ningun otro tipo di karchi pa fundraising?
Wl, no buska mas.
Carousel di Ambiente ta e grupo  pabo.
Huntu ku Dj. Black , kayanan di Korsou lo sakudi den gran marcha di dia 18 di february 2007.


carousel di ambiente * lo trese hopi ambiente * den karnaval 2007