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carousel di ambiente

About Us

We are the new group for carnival 2007on this friendly island "Curaçao"

Our Carnival Group is here to  take our guests away from the stress of everyday life and created a relaxing and a funny Carnival parade.

We believe everyone deserves their dream costume. If none of our packages look right for you, create your own special costume. We are here to serve your needs, and make carnival 2007 one you will always remember.

Nos meta ta pa laga nos partisipantenan lubida e stresnan di tur dia, den ambiente dushi, tur hende uni.
Ta pa esei, nos kier malkria tur nos partisipantenan, ku trato ekselente.
Si akaso, bo sonjo ta otro , laga nos sa, paso Karnaval 2007 lo ta esun ku gamas lo bo lubida.

carousel di ambiente * lo trese hopi ambiente * den karnaval 2007